New Zines & DIY Day!


Grosse novita’ in casa Hurt Crafts: una nuova compagna di viaggio, tre nuove zines e la partecipazione al DIY Day!

La nuova zinester e’ Paola SAIA, ritrattista, che ci presenta un lavoro tratto dalla sua esposizione per Intermezzo: messa in scena di un costume evento/vernissage organizzato da LeLabò.

Ben tre nuove photo-zines in arrivo: Eterna, di andrea Colombo, Intermezzo di Paola Saia e Photo Shove di Busato Marco, a breve i link per saperne di più.

Saranno disponibili in vendita dal 28 Ottobre all’evento DIY day e solo successivamente sul sito.

Il DIY Day e’ una giornata dedicata alla musica ed all’autoproduzione, promossa da che in quell’occasione lancera’ la nuova versione del suo portale dedicato al “fai da te” underground.

Concerti, conferenze, distro e banchetti di artigiani e birrette al Santeria Social Club: SIATECI!!

Foto Gang Firenze



Siamo felici di annunciare che alcune nostre photozines saranno disponibili durante l’evento “Photo Gang” di Zine Tonic Editions a Firenze.

L’evento si terrà  Sabato 11 e Domenica 12 Febbraio e sarà ospitato dalla Fondazione Studio Marangoni in via San Zanobi 32r / 19r, 50129 Firenze.

Per maggiori informazioni andate sull’evento Facebook QUI


It’s a pleasure to annunce that some of our photozines will be available at the event “Photo Gang” in Florence by Zine Tonic Editions.

The event will take place on February, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th, hosted by Fondazione Studio Marangoni
via San Zanobi 32r / 19r, 50129 Firenze.

For more info go ahead to the Facebook event HERE


Skinless Winter Thoughts

By Busato M.

16 pages, laser printed

cut, folded and stapled in handicraft way (take a look HERE)

Limted edition of 50 copies

€6 + shipping costs


Skinsless Winter Thoughts is a photozine inspired by and dedicated to the music of Concrete, a hardcore band from Italy.

The first images of a heavy (heart) winter, caught the eyes of Marco Busato while he was linstening to the songs “Three… e poi Piove”, so he continued to listen to this songs in loop like a mantra, over and over again, searching for inspiration in his photo archive.

During this kind of strange meditation, he made associations twisting words and concepts, finding the perfect match in the powerful body action of Marta Lodola.

Music, words, nature and body became a photozine that spreads far away from the initial inspiration, but returning back to a tribute to the music of Concrete.

Find-A-Zine NYC & SF

passportOur guys wil be in New York City and San Francisco for the next weeks, and they will leave some FREE zines around.

They will make a Instagram post about where they will leave them so go an follow @thesmilingjoyfulman & or directly @hurtcrafts.

If you find a zine just pick it up and have a look and If you want you can take it with you.

Take a pic and tag #hurtcrafts #mynewhome on instagram just to let us know where our little creatures are

If you don’t want to take it just leave it here or give it to a friend that may like it or you can also leave it somewhere in the world and tag #hurtctafts #freezine and the place where people can find it again.

Well… have fun 😉

Archetypes of Rebellion

By Busato M.2015-04-17 10.35.51

24 pages, laser printed

cut, folded and stapled in handicraft way (take a look HERE)

Limted edition of 50 copies

€8 + shipping costs


A personal visual study about the gestures and symmetries between social and musical events

Archetypes of rebellion is a photographic research in what is considered the “classical” places for Revolution: the students protest & rock music

Student demonstrations, “save school not banks” & 99% movement on the Riot Side of the zine is compared with the contemporary attenders of metal, punk & hardcore concerts on the Mosh Side

A mirrored voyage that try to unveil the archetypes of rebellion.

Hear My Riot

Riot_CardsBy Busato M.

series of 8 cards, laser printed

cutted in handicraft way (take a look HERE)

€5 + shipping costs



Every postcard combines a photo made during the demonstrations by the students and “save school not banks” movement, pimped  with quotations from some musical bands (its up to you to find out which)