Skinless Winter Thoughts

By Busato M.

16 pages, laser printed

cut, folded and stapled in handicraft way (take a look HERE)

Limted edition of 50 copies

€6 + shipping costs


Skinsless Winter Thoughts is a photozine inspired by and dedicated to the music of Concrete, a hardcore band from Italy.

The first images of a heavy (heart) winter, caught the eyes of Marco Busato while he was linstening to the songs “Three… e poi Piove”, so he continued to listen to this songs in loop like a mantra, over and over again, searching for inspiration in his photo archive.

During this kind of strange meditation, he made associations twisting words and concepts, finding the perfect match in the powerful body action of Marta Lodola.

Music, words, nature and body became a photozine that spreads far away from the initial inspiration, but returning back to a tribute to the music of Concrete.